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How much is a detective?

DETEK always charges according to the expenditure of time. The high quality of our work and our individual approach to each case stands in contrast to an all-inclusive price tag. But under special circumstances we do offer fixed or performance-based fees.

During investigations, DETEK supplies you with prompt and comprehensive updates on your case. Together with you we decide on the further course of action. This way, you are in control of the amount of work and therefore the costs.

Exemplary calculation

Base fee:   300,00

Outstanding investigations do not only require outstanding investigators: Conviently located operations centres, state-of-the-art technology, further education for our detective staff and skilled employees, who carefully manage data, maintain our IT infrastructure, follow the latest case laws, create invoices or draw up the investigation reports for our clients, make our daily work run smoothly.

Hourly fee:  120,00

Paying employees a fair wage as well as offering clients a good deal is what DETEK considers its coporate resbonsibility. Whether you instruct us with a single database search or a long-term observation – you will be charged for the time requred and not a minute more.

Added to this is only a milage and the statutory value-added tax.

You do not pay extra…

…for nights and weekends

We are available for you 24/7 – without any surcharge.

…for evidence

For DETEK it goes without saying that our investigators document their observations, e.g. through photographs or videos.

…through a minimum duration for operations

You are welcome to make use of our services for 15 minutes or several months. There is no minimum duration for us to get into action.

Non-binding estimate of costs

The total fee depends on the goal of the investigation – and the effort required to reach this goal. Feel free to contact DETEK for a quote tailored to your case.

The easiest way is to describe your case by phone or during a personal meeting. Based on our experience, we are able to immediately give you a realistic assessment of the time frame and the costs you can expect.

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