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“Security means being aware of where the insecurities lie.” This insight serves as the starting point for every effective security concept implemented by a business enterprise to protect itself from potential forms of white-collar crime. This realization is already widespread among the top echelons of big companies, but is often lacking further down. DETEK AG has therefore developed a seminar and training programme for strengthening security awareness on the part of your personnel.

Awareness training

In either a full-day or half-day event, your personnel can receive training in an informative and entertaining seminar conducted by one of our experienced instructors in the many different security risks to your company.

Activities of private investigators in the business sphere

This seminar is targeted specifically at decision makers and executive personnel of business enterprises. In the scope of a presentation, one of our investigation managers presents the whole range of scenarios where the utilization of a business investigation agency could also be worthwhile in your company. The presentation is geared right from the start at the special aspects of your company.

Individual seminar offers

We will also be pleased to design seminar and workshop programmes that are individually tailored to your requirements.

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