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Security services

Alongside the field of business investigations and the resolution of offences in the area of white-collar crime, we naturally also have the necessary know-how – thanks to our experienced investigators with their wide-ranging training and skills – for preventing incidents of this kind in your enterprise before they even happen. The following are just a few examples of what we can offer:

Security analysis and identification of weak points

In the course of the years, we have developed special abilities in the field of security analysis and identification of weak points at business companies. In the course of such an analysis, our experienced investigators will subject your enterprise to detailed scrutiny in terms of security-relevant features. The empirical results are then professionally processed and presented to you in the form of a detailed report, together with corresponding recommendations for eliminating any security gaps.

Use of surveillance equipment

If you are interested in the use of CCTV surveillance equipment in your enterprise as a deterrent to potential pilferers and thieves and so as to also subsequently have proof against them, we can offer solutions that are individually tailored to the needs of your company. We are also available on request for evaluating the image material and, if need be, for conducting professional interviews with suspects. 

Personal protection

Depending on your needs, we can provide you with armed or unarmed bodyguards. In the recruitment of our personnel, we place importance on professional competence, stylish appearance and reputability. The availability of special armoured vehicles rounds off the capabilities we can offer in the field of personal protection. 

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