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Legal Notes

Own trade mark and copyright

DETEK® is a registered trade mark. Additionally, all content of our website and its graphic presentation are works within the meaning of copyright law and as such are comprehensively protected. 

Any use without the consent of DETEK AG – including also of extracts – outside of the strict limits permitted by copyright law is prohibited and liable to prosecution. This applies in particular to reproduction in physical form, translation, and storage and processing in electronic systems, in particular utilization on websites of other parties for business purposes. 

Security of email communication

Please note that sending emails unencrypted represents a security risk. You can send emails to DETEK AG in encrypted form. For details, please contact us by telephone on +49-(0)511 909696-0 or by email to info@detek.de. 

Content of partner links

Where we refer to the websites of third parties through the provision of links, we do not assume any liability for or associate ourselves with the content of such sites. We also wish to point out in particular that users of such links are typically confronted with trade marks and works within the definition of copyright law which are not attributable to DETEK AG and are not used by the latter within the meaning of copyright and trade mark law.